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Supermarkets & Convenience Stores

You have several options for supermarkets in Wallingford, with a variety of shopping options to meet different needs, from high-quality products at Waitrose to budget-friendly choices at Lidl. Head to Just Trading to refill dried goods, cleaning products, toiletries and much more.

Asda Express

11 Station Rd, Wallingford OX10 0HX



Lupton Rd, Wallingford OX10 9BS



38 Sinodun Rd, Wallingford OX10 8AB


Just Trading of Wallingford Limited

17 St Mary’s Street, Wallingford OX10 0EW


Sotil’s Croft Local

14 St John’s Rd, Wallingford OX10 9AD


Waitrose & Partners

1 St Martin’s St, Wallingford OX10 0EF